Get a Recommendation Before You Sign!

Getting a referral from someone you know and trust can make all the difference when hiring a contractor of any kind.

A word of mouth recommendation from someone you know or trust can save you big time!

During our annual monsoons, damage is inevitable. Visits from fly-by-night roofing and general contractors are also an annual event. Make sure you stay safe from scams and disreputable contractors by only choosing someone to do the work that you have completely vetted or who has been recommended by someone you trust.

Some of the dangers of hiring the door-to-door handymen or roofing companies is that their may or may not actually be covered by your homeowner's insurance, causing bigger troubles down the line. We can solidly recommend The $49 Handyman for the Denver Metro area. If you have some really good recommendations, please share those with us.

Knowledge is Power to keep you and your home safe from scamsOne of the most used tactics is to offer you a price that is too low to pass up, and generally you would have to sign right then and there to get the great deal. Run far and fast from any company or offer that would not give you the time to research its validity.

After the Recent Weather Events

As far as roofing companies go, there are some good ones here in the state, established and respected. When it comes to the roof over yours and your family’s head, cutting corners is probably not the best idea. A reputable company won’t try to lure you with ridiculous schemes or suggest ploys that can “get around” your insurance provider. Roofing companies we have heard good things about are B&M Roofing, Alpine, Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration, and Excel.

As always, information is power! Do your research and never hire “the dude at the door” to do major work on your home.

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