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Practice Computer Safety Stay safe, Stay secure, Stay alert!

Easy steps to insure safety during internet travel and transactions:


When using a secured site, always check the status bar to make sure the link you have clicked is where you are being directed to. Our secured server is hosted, so that should be the first address you see in all of our secured page redirection, if not, cancel the transfer immediately and disconnect from the Internet!

Secure sites
NEVER enter ANY personal or security personal data unless the locked or secure symbol is showing in the status bar. If it is not secure, neither is your information! Often a message box will appear stating that not all items on the page are secure, asking if you still want to make them visible. Choose NO. This means there are graphics, or code items that are being called from unsecured directories or locations. If you choose YES, the page is NOT 100% secure. Well constructed sites will still have the necessary information available to you, but some graphics may not show.

Spoofing is an evil little technique that some people have devised to steal your information. EBay, PayPal, and many other companies have become targets - including BANKS!!!! You will receive and email stating that your information must be confirmed, or that your account is being closed, or something crucial to the account. The page you pull up in your email will look very authentic and official, but the links that you click, direct you to the thief's sites where they will steal your logins, passwords and any other info you enter! If you pass your mouse over the link to their site, in the status bar will reveal where that link is going. Stay ALERT!

Anti-Virus & AdAware Software
DO NOT USE THE INTERNET FOR ANY REASON WITHOUT AN ACTIVE ANTI-VIRUS APPLICATION ON YOUR SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!  The Colorado Metro Mart also recommends downloading CCleaner from Piriform and Malwarebytes Anti Malware Software. Run CCleaner at least once per week and Malwarebytes monthly, update both at least every 15 days. These are both free downloads, or for a more robust version, necessary for businesses, the cost is very reasonable.

Browser Hijackers
Banks, and other reputable companies will never ask you to enter your password from an email!!!! Always type in the URL (web address) manually when visiting these site, as Browser Hijackers or worms may find a way into your Favorites Folder. By using steps 1 through 4, you should stay safe, but it is just common sense to make sure your Anti-virus is updated and active.

Before you hire a contractor, make a major purchase or embark on a life-changing endeavor, check out these resources to cover all your bases - Knowledge IS Power - and always BUYER BEWARE!

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